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A Little FOGO Never Hurt Anyone

First, there was FOMO. Which then led to JOMO. And now thanks to a global pandemic, FOGO, or the Fear of Going Out, has taken on a whole new meaning. At the beginning of isolation, I felt an incredible reprieve from my hectic event-architect-chief-everything-officer-mom-of-four life.

Top 5 Summer Outdoor Party Tips

Now that most provinces are loosening up on some restrictions, people are anxious to do something other than grocery shop and bike ride. Here are our top 5 summer outdoor party strategies for gathering in a small group and having a bit of “safe pandemic”

Are Men’s Events a Thing?

As an event manager living in a small-ish Canadian city, I was curious if bigger centers have events for men only. It’s quite common to see events exclusively for women… you know “babes supporting babes” (I am a staunch women’s supporter and feminist, but when


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