Like so many event professionals , in a matter of seconds we “lost” all of our clients due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re speaking figuratively here…. they’re still our clients, but everything we were working on came to a screeching halt.

While many events were switched to a virtual platform, that wasn’t in the interest of my clients, and they postponed or cancelled. What to do?

During this pause, organize, purge, file your taxes, and participate in event industry webinars and online events to get your game rock-solid whenever things start to see some recovery.

Next, stay in touch with your clients. Send them a note or an email. Stay top of mind with social media or how about a quick phone call? Many of us are missing that connection right now, so reach out and say hi.

Lastly, if you’re in the industry, don’t take it personally. Hospitality, destinations, conference venues, decor rental vendors, and A/V companies, just to name a few, have all been affected. Even though we may be in a different boat, we are all in the same storm. #wereinthistogether

It will get better eventually. Now’s the time to learn, innovate, brainstorm, or maybe just take a breather! Humans are designed to gather. And it will happen again, one way or another.