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We Keep Going…

COVID-19's impact has been felt by everyone around the world. The events industry has been devastated by the pandemic. 1 in 10 people work in the events and hospitality industry globally! As we moved through the summer months, many were hopeful that things were improving,

How strong is your compass?

“A compass will still work even if you lose the map. Get yourself a compass.” I heard Seth Godin say these remarkable words live yesterday during an online event I attended broadcasted from Australia. It resonated with me on many levels. As  event professionals we

A Little FOGO Never Hurt Anyone

First, there was FOMO. Which then led to JOMO. And now thanks to a global pandemic, FOGO, or the Fear of Going Out, has taken on a whole new meaning. At the beginning of isolation, I felt an incredible reprieve from my hectic event-architect-chief-everything-officer-mom-of-four life.


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