In North America, food waste is a significant issue, especially at events. Check it out:

– Approximately 40% of food produced in the USA goes to waste, according to the USDA. That’s about 133 billion pounds of food wasted each year.

– In Canada, it’s estimated that $49.5 billion worth of food is wasted annually. This includes food waste from all sectors, including events and gatherings.

– When it comes to events specifically, studies suggest that between 15% to 40% of food purchased for events ends up being wasted. This includes uneaten meals, untouched buffets, and discarded leftovers.

– The environmental impact of food waste is immense. In North America, food waste is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for around 8% of total emissions. This is due to the resources used in food production, transportation, and disposal.

How can you reduce good waste at your next event:

–  Give takeaway boxes to your attendees to take leftovers home or back to their room for late night snacking.

– Add a sign to your buffet that asks guests to “help stop food waste and only take as much as you can eat”.

– Get permission from the venue to donate the leftovers in a timely manner to a shelter or community kitchen.

– Skip the buffet and serve plated meals, or have venue staff serve the portions. Much less waste as guests won’t be eating with their eyes.

By raising awareness and taking action to reduce food waste at events, we can make a significant difference in conserving resources, minimizing environmental impact, and addressing food insecurity.

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