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Four Ways to Curb Food Waste at your Next Event

In North America, food waste is a significant issue, especially at events. Check it out: - Approximately 40% of food produced in the USA goes to waste, according to the USDA. That's about 133 billion pounds of food wasted each year. - In Canada, it's estimated that $49.5 billion worth of food is wasted annually. This includes food waste from all sectors, including events and

Four Ways to Curb Food Waste at your Next Event2024-05-19T06:17:09+11:00

The Top Pain Point of Hybrid Events

What's the top pain point that event managers often face when organizing hybrid events? You guessed it! TECHNICAL CHALLENGES! Hybrid events involve a mix of in-person and virtual components, which can lead to technical issues including internet connectivity, audio-visual equipment, and platform compatibility. Ensuring a smooth technical experience for both physical and virtual attendees needs the right mix of equipment and technical expertise. Following close

The Top Pain Point of Hybrid Events2023-10-28T10:02:40+11:00

Check out Jodi Rodriguez, Owner of Eleven Events, in Corporate Meetings Network Magazine

We got so busy planning and producing, we forgot to toot our own horn!! TOOT TOOT! We were interviewed way back in the summer of 2021 talking about the COVID restrictions being lifted in Saskatchewan and Alberta, and what we thought of it. Check out the full article here !

Check out Jodi Rodriguez, Owner of Eleven Events, in Corporate Meetings Network Magazine2023-10-28T10:02:17+11:00

Hybrid and Virtual Events – What Have We Learned – Our TOP 5 Tips!

Many well established in-person events transitioned to virtual this past year but found that their experience fizzled. Should they have instead cancelled, postponed until they could offer a hybrid approach (some in-person, some online), or simply set more ambitious goals? If you found that your virtual event was not unique and lacked pizazz, don’t worry! Virtual and hybrid events have come a long way since

Hybrid and Virtual Events – What Have We Learned – Our TOP 5 Tips!2021-10-25T04:14:32+11:00

We Keep Going…

COVID-19's impact has been felt by everyone around the world. The events industry has been devastated by the pandemic. 1 in 10 people work in the events and hospitality industry globally! As we moved through the summer months, many were hopeful that things were improving, especially event professionals. When polled in the spring of 2020, over 75% of event professionals expected a return to in-person

We Keep Going…2021-10-25T00:41:48+11:00

How strong is your compass?

“A compass will still work even if you lose the map. Get yourself a compass.” I heard Seth Godin say these remarkable words live yesterday during an online event I attended broadcasted from Australia. It resonated with me on many levels. As  event professionals we will likely not find our way back to where we were because that map of how we did things has

How strong is your compass?2021-10-25T00:43:21+11:00

Fire the Arrow, Then Paint the Target

“First, I fire the arrow at the tree and then I paint the target around it.” –  from "The Collapse of Chaos" by Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart The global pandemic has had an enormous and disastrous impact on event professionals around the world. We were the first to feel the suffocating collapse of an industry overnight and will likely be one of the last

Fire the Arrow, Then Paint the Target2021-10-25T00:44:29+11:00
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