“First, I fire the arrow at the tree and then I paint the target around it.” –  from “The Collapse of Chaos” by Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart

The global pandemic has had an enormous and disastrous impact on event professionals around the world. We were the first to feel the suffocating collapse of an industry overnight and will likely be one of the last to fully recover.

Event professional repeatedly ranks as one of the top 5 most stressful careers year after year. And understandably so, due to the high stakes and pressure of the role. But what happens when the whole world stops? What happens when these incredibly resourceful and talented people are put on hold indefinitely?

They shoot the arrow and then paint the target.

What does this mean? It means they craft what is needed out of ingenuity and guts. They take risks. They try something and then they try something else. They keep going.

Event professionals are resilient, industrious, creative, innovative, and cutting-edge. We are finding our footing and we are limitless.