Now that most provinces are loosening up on some restrictions, people are anxious to do something other than grocery shop and bike ride. Here are our top 5 summer outdoor party strategies for gathering in a small group and having a bit of “safe pandemic” fun!

Tip # 1 – Let your attendees know what precautions are being taken on the invitation. What are the limited guest numbers, will masks be required or provided, will social distancing be expected and encouraged, will hand-washing, hand sanitizer, and regularly disinfected facilities be available? If anyone is hesitant about attending, this should help. Make attendee safety the paramount goal.

Tip #2 – Design unique and safe seating arrangements. Set up small clusters of seats that are at least two meters apart. Tables don’t have to have the same amount of seating – keep known family and friend bubbles together or close to each other. Plan for soft, lounge seating and picnic blankets with cushions as options. Use transparent screens or groups of plants or balloons to create barriers and encourage further distancing. Designated separate entrances and exits are smart for an event that is on the larger side of provincial regulation numbers.

Tip #3 – Create a fun theme or dress code. After being in isolation for many months, people want to dress up and have some fun! Something as simple as an all blue party will give your attendees some creative planning to do beforehand, can be easily implemented into your event décor, and makes for great energy and a community feel. We are all in this together after all!

Tip #4 – Entertainment is incredibly important! Sitting around and chatting with the people you live with and see everyday all day (day 108 of isolation?) may not be your idea of a fun summer outing.  Hire that band, solo musician, magician, or comedian. Make it an inspiring and rejuvenating experience for your guests!

Tip #5 – Be careful with Food and Beverage! Pre-packaged is a must, and many caterers are willing to accommodate. Picnic baskets, paper-bag lunches, bento boxes, and pre-made cocktail jugs on tables are all excellent ideas. Food trucks are willing and more readily available to do smaller events this summer. Tight on budget? Have guests BYOB and BYOF for their own table in keeping with the theme of the party.

Attending an outdoor summer event doesn’t have to be scary. With careful thought and sound logistics planning, it can be a great way to reconnect with people and have what feels like social interaction, in a safe way.

If you need some help with planning your outdoor pandemic-safe event, send us a note here !  Our consultations are always complimentary!