As an event manager living in a small-ish Canadian city, I was curious if bigger centers have events for men only.

It’s quite common to see events exclusively for women… you know “babes supporting babes” (I am a staunch women’s supporter and feminist, but when will this nauseating slogan die?? ?) Women gather and inspire each other, listen to each other, and build community. Quite often there isn’t a man in sight… and rightly so!

But, is there such a thing for men?

I searched “men’s events” on the internet and came up with pages of Christian-based meetings, and curling, and golf. And more curling. And after a few more searches, I did in fact find a men’s-only retreat in the US where a man could experience community and maybe a “significant personal breakthrough”.

What would be the ripple effect for these men’s partners, their families, and their friends if these kinds of gatherings were as frequently available to men as they were for women?

Does a man’s life not require support and encouragement? Are men too uncomfortable being vulnerable, sharing what’s on their mind, or learning about others?

Where the men at? What are your thoughts?