Plan Your Client Event with Your A Game

Businesses are competing for their market share now more than ever. The internet is continuously bombarding us with thousands of bits of information, with new virtual and turn-key businesses popping up daily. Humans now have the dubious distinction of having an attention span lower than a goldfish –  less than 8 seconds! How does a business, especially a small one, grab a potential customer’s attention?

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Influences on the Events Industry

Last week I attended the GoWest 2018 Conference in Edmonton, Alberta. It was an amazing experience, and well-attended by 350 industry professionals from across Canada. A constant flow of speakers was featured over the two days including David Merrell of AOO Events in Los Angeles, Shannon Boudreau of The Lazy Gourmet (Vancouver), and Derek MacDonald of Boom Goes the Drum (Calgary). Innovation and inspiration was

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Making Your Event Go Viral

Events today are no longer just physical gatherings of people at a physical location.  With society's fixation on technology and social media, these ‘physical’ events are also simultaneously happening online whether the event planner wants them to or not.  Having your event go viral is a fabulous thing if it’s for the right reasons; having it go viral because something was a disaster could blow

Making Your Event Go Viral2021-03-12T07:18:11+11:00
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