Businesses are competing for their market share now more than ever. The internet is continuously bombarding us with thousands of bits of information, with new virtual and turn-key businesses popping up daily. Humans now have the dubious distinction of having an attention span lower than a goldfish –  less than 8 seconds! How does a business, especially a small one, grab a potential customer’s attention? By planning a client event with your A game!

Be ACCESSIBLE. Small businesses may feel that holding a client event is too costly, even though positive business results occur: it builds a better sales pipeline, increases client loyalty and client base, and highlights your brand. Events bring people together to share ideas, network, and facilitate relationship building face to face which doesn’t happen as frequently these days. Another great benefit is your team will be inspired by the injection of energy, learning, and prospects. If your community is accessible to you through real connections, your business will prosper.

Secondly, be an AUTHORITY. There are no secrets or shortcuts to business success. It takes a lot of hard work to find your audience. Client events that are wishy-washy and the “usual” won’t promote your brand or increase profit. A client event should be an uncommon affair that identifies what sets your business apart from the rest and the one to choose.  Wow them with your industry authority and expertise by leading with value. Clients care less about what your product can do, and more about what it can do for them.

Thirdly, be AUTHENTIC. Client events will deliver value and increase ROI if they are intentional, transformational, purposeful, and worthwhile by design. Scott Cook, a director at eBay and Proctor & Gamble, says “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is”. A client event done right is so much more than an expensive cocktail party. Highlight you brand and its personality authentically. A client event should be about new real connections that will spread the word to the community.

Lastly, be AWE INSPIRING. A client event should strike a chord in people, stir their emotions, and awaken their imagination. In an age of self-service, poor service, and unfortunately sometimes no service, your clients are desiring something more. Your event should be a unique, customized experience that enforces in the guests minds why they do business with you or why they should start. Deliver something the guests weren’t expecting. Have them walk away with something – even if it’s just an incredible memory.

Holding a client event isn’t just about throwing a party, it’s about advancing your business objectives and promoting your brand with your A game. If you’re thinking of planning a client event and not sure where to start, we’d love to help! Comment below or contact Eleven Events for a complimentary consultation.