A Little FOGO Never Hurt Anyone

First, there was FOMO. Which then led to JOMO. And now thanks to a global pandemic, FOGO, or the Fear of Going Out, has taken on a whole new meaning. At the beginning of isolation, I felt an incredible reprieve from my hectic event-architect-chief-everything-officer-mom-of-four life. There was a momentary joyful liberation during lockdown (said the big introvert). I was free of expectations and obligations to

A Little FOGO Never Hurt Anyone2021-03-12T06:59:37+11:00

Taking your Event Down the Unknown Virtual Path

While no one envisioned this uncharted time to last as long as it has, many areas are slowly and carefully coming out of isolation and wanting to get back to the business of tangibly connecting again. But how? Less than 25% of events moved to a virtual platform in North America since the beginning of the pandemic, according to industry research. The rest were either

Taking your Event Down the Unknown Virtual Path2021-03-12T07:00:40+11:00
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