In a recent survey, 80% of event planners reported that they are required to provide more “experience creation” for their event clients than just 2 years ago. Simply getting the logistics down right, just doesn’t cut it now in the events industry. This is where experience creation comes in…

Driven by millennials, today’s attendee expectations are dramatically shifting the focus behind meetings and events, and inspired by their always-connected, always recording and sharing lifestyle. Gone are the long, boring conferences with an evening of cocktails and same-old, same-old networking. Attendees now seek insight, innovation, and professional and personal development. Time and money are tight, and if an attendee is spending both on your event, having an unforgettable and emotionally satisfying experience is expected.

Mixing up your approach will result in maximum results. Event technology, unconventional venues, multi-sensory experiences, elements of surprise, and creating an amazing environment for connections will move you towards that wow-factor and must-attend event in years to come.

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