Oh no!! Only 5% battery left on my phone, and I’m stuck in a conference! Oh my gosh…what am I going to do?

We’ve all been there, and it’s aggravating and distracting, with panic welling up in your body as your eyes dart around the venue walls for a plug-in.

Event attendees want to stay connected, even if they are enjoying and engaged in your content. That’s why charging stations are popping up everywhere – from big sponsored areas with brand reps ready to promote their latest product, to smaller inconspicuous areas away from the boss’s eyes.

Having a “relax and recharge” area will actually help boost your attendees’ experience. Guests can take a much needed brain break while their device is powering up, get some peer to peer networking in, and hear the latest from an event sponsor. How about placing some HD screens there with sponsored infomercials, pens, paper, small conference souvenirs, or candies? Guests will return to their seats feeling as re-charged as their phone!

Having a fully charged device means not only having a happier attendee, it means having more social media at your event! Guests who are relaxed and inspired will want to share it in real time. Nothing creates more FOMO than seeing lots of great coverage of an event in your feed and you’re not there! All that promotion is invaluable  and will be sure to increase attendance in the future.

Be sure to use a reputable company when renting a charging station for your next event. Avoid any that use “fast charging cables” since cell phones or devices can only handle so much. An added tip to pass on to attendees is to never let a cell phone dip below 10%, as the chemical balance becomes unstable in the batteries. Also, if you leave your phone in a very hot or cold vehicle, your battery must work harder to keep up that charge.