Events are an excellent way for companies to gain popularity and good PR. They’re fun, engaging, and get a lot of social media attention!

During or at the end of an event, participants are usually asked to give their feedback by filling a survey. This is often not a very interesting task and people may not take it too seriously, which is reflected in the quality of their feedback. To counteract this matter, we’ve compiled three tips on getting event feedback in an innovative and effective manner.

Let’s dig in!


Many companies ask attendees and guests to check in to the event. For this, the company itself would need their own Facebook group or a page created especially for the occasion. This method tends to gather a lot of attention from followers. From there on, participants can leave their comments and give ratings, suggestions, praise, and criticism.

The event hosts can sweeten the deal by offering a lucky draw for all those who have checked in or left a rating/comment. Alternatively, you could have a free giveaway after attendees prove their check-ins.

Hashtags and Selfie Ops

Having certain attractions on the event venue can work wonders to enhance the ambiance. They provide an opportunity for attendees to take interesting selfies and post them on social media right there and then. Hosts may announce a hashtag for the event, thereby making it easy for participants to give their feedback.

For instance, a star attraction may be a rock-climbing wall for companies selling sports equipment. Many people would be attracted towards this activity not just for the fun but the likes it would get them!


Paper surveys are simply not done anymore. Not only are they a pain for people to stop and fill them in, but collecting their data is quite troublesome. Now that everything is automated, surveys should be no different.

This is where beacons come in. These are used for putting surveys directly onto a phone when a guest is leaving the event. This way, feedback is given when the event’s memories and impressions are still fresh. At the same time, the person giving the survey is not put to any inconvenience. A few taps on their phone screens and they’re done! They may even be gifted an online voucher if they complete the whole survey.


Asking people to give feedback at events is a tricky business. However, there’s little that technology cannot help us with. Follow the tips above and you will surely find that your guests’ feedback is more relevant and helpful.


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