Ever wondered how much money it takes to arrange a world-class event? Well, we created a list of 11 of the most expensive events in the history of the world to curb your curiosity. Prepare to be surprised!


One of the most expensive Olympics events was held in 2008 in China, costing around $28 billion! China built new sports facilities, roads, railway lines, an airport terminal and new subway lines, especially for the event. Just the Olympic Stadium cost $270 million to construct!

Tour de France

Tour de France is the most extravagant cycling race in the world. Extending over three weeks and 3600 km, it consists of a group of over 2000 masseurs, judges, and journalists and has its own bank and police! Advertisements are the main source of its budget, with organizations paying €200,000 to join a 20 km long parade that’s followed by the competitors.

Commonwealth Games

In 2010, the most expensive Commonwealth Games in the history of the world were arranged in Delhi, India. The event cost was $4.2 billion! However, despite the high cost, the event failed to live up to its expectations and many attendees complained about poor conditions and bad construction.

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup arranged in 2010 in South Africa remains the most expensive FIFA event so far, costing $3 billion! New roads, an airport, and five new stadiums were built especially for the event by the South African government.

Formula 1

Due to the high cost of maintenance, tracks, and cars, Formula 1 is one of the most expensive sporting events to arrange. It takes approximately $450 million to organize a Formula 1 event!

Persia’s anniversary

On Persia’s 2500th anniversary in 1971, the Shah of the country arranged 18 tons of food for the celebration. In the Shah’s own words, it was “the biggest party on Earth” and comprised of sheiks, presidents, kings, and emperors from all over the world.

World Expo 2010

In 2010, China arranged the World Expo, which was termed as the “biggest outdoor entertainment event in history.” Approximately $58 billion was spent to arrange the event, which hosted 192 countries across 253 pavilions and around 70 million visitors.

Lady Diana’s wedding

Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding in Wales cost around $110 million according to estimates and remains to this day the most expensive weddings in the history of the world. It was rightfully termed the “wedding of the century.”

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl XVV was one of the largest and most expensive sporting events in the world. The event took place in Arlington, Texas in the $1.3 billion state-of-the-art Dallas Cowboys’ stadium and cost approximately $40 million to organize.

Atlantis Hotel opening

Constructed on the Palm Island in Dubai, the Atlantis is a luxurious hotel that celebrated its opening by flying in 2000 celebrities, lighting fireworks and featuring Kylie Minogue as the top performer. The event cost around $31 million to host!

Sultan of Brunei’s birthday

At the 50th birthday party of the Sultan of Brunei in 1996, Michael Jackson gave a live performance, champagne and caviar were served to the guests and the Government’s civil servants got significant raises in their pay. The event cost was over $27 million!

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