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Feeling overwhelmed about your rapidly approaching conference or fundraiser?

Did you know it takes over 300 painstaking hours to plan a large event?

Don’t know where to start?

We are event architects – going beyond managing event logistics to designing event experiences that influence change.

 We provide virtual event platforms, registration software, event web micro-pages, event apps, and all the logistical expertise you need! We have everything covered. Step back and focus on the things that need your attention, and we will handle the rest!

Just need some advice? We can provide one hour, one week, or one month of consultation that will give you the blueprint and tools to build a successful event.

Our goal is for you to love how we partner with you!

Call or email today… we’d love to exceed your expectations!


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Event Architecture and Management
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Event Architecture and Management
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Eleven Events Event Management ,Saskatchewan- Telephone No.3065293222
Saskatchewan and Alberta
Full service event specialists based in Saskatchewan. Hourly consultant rates available.

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